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It’s been at least a couple weeks since we last visited the Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship, which is really far too long. Thank goodness for these cuddly litters of Vom Flussblick German Shepherds and Michigan Mini Juliana Pigs, both being raised by the same breeder in Augusta, Michigan.

The puppies and piglets are all raised indoors and spend their early lives socializing with each other and they appear to get along famously. The combination of wee puppy yips and piglet grunts must be dangerously cute.

You can keep track of all of these furry babies by following their respective Facebook pages. Click here for the puppies and here for the piglets.

Photos by Kristin Whitworth

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I had a patient in the clinic who really did not want an abortion but who had no resources to cover the costs of prenatal care or childbirth. She was single and without insurance coverage but made just enough money to be ineligible for state assistance. She already had outstanding bills at the hospital and with the local ob-gyn practice. No doctor would see her without payment up front.

We were willing to do the abortion for a reduced rate or for free if necessary. But she really didn’t want an abortion. Once I understood her situation, I went to the phone and called the local ‘crisis pregnancy center.’

"Hello, this is Dr. Wicklund."

Dead silence. I might as well have said I was Satan.

"Hello?" I said again. "This is Dr. Wicklund."

"Hello," very tentatively, followed by another long silence.

"I need help with a patient," I said. She came to me for an abortion, but really doesn’t want one. What she really needs is someone to do her prenatal care and birth for free."

"What do you expect us to do?"

I let that hang for a minute.

This Common Secret, Susan Wicklund

Crisis Pregnancy Centers often disguise themselves as medical facilities, with advertisements offering “help” with an unplanned pregnancy. Their main goal is to keep the pregnant person from having an abortion at all costs. Usually, all they’ll give you is a free pregnancy test, some baby clothes, and maybe a box of diapers.

The patient referred to in the quote was given free prenatal care and did not have to pay the financial cost of childbirth by a local anti-choice doctor. She would often stop by Dr. Wicklund’s office to let her know how she was doing:

"He always moans and groans about being tricked into [doing this]," she says. "Then he goes off on these tirades against abortion."

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I told you this was coming.

From left to right, that’s
Counselor Dane Troi
Dr. Benjamin Crusher
Cmdr. Willa Riker
Captain Jeanne Picard
Lt. Cmdr. Data
Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge
and Lt. Worf? I’m sorry, I’ve got nothing when it comes to Klingon names.

I really hope I’m not the only one on here who loves TNG. Regardless, there will be more of this. A lot more. No, really, I’m not sure I know how to stop.

Oh my god, Riker is so hot. Is this how the ladies all feel about Jonathan Frakes?

This is amazing. They should swap the sexes like this and refilm the entire series. I’d pay money for that… and “Wesley Crusher” could be “Wendy Crusher,” a cute teenage girl who saves the ship every other episode.

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In case you missed it: Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro sipped champagne together this weekend and we really wish we had been there…

Awesome Canadians Hanging Out Together.




Wrecking Ball dog costume

Oh. My. God.

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I know many of you have been reading about the god awful tragedy that happened in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday. One of the most heroic moments of the day came from the schools principle, Dawn Hochsprung (Neè Dawn Lafferty) lost her life when she courageously attacked the gunman in an attempt to protect her students. I actually have a family member who went to Naugatuck High School with Dawn and while looking through an old year book they found a picture of her on her high school track team (She’s the first one in the front row. I took out the other names for privacy sake) I just wanted to share this with you guys since not only was she a fellow trackie, but I believe that her bravery is something that we can all look up to. May she rest in peace. 


vanessa carlton - a thousand miles

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